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Frequently Asked Questions About our Window Cleaning Services

It's my first time hiring proffesional window cleaners. What should I expect?

  • Call or text reminder the day before the work is to be performed.
  • We do our very best to arrive on time with our now daily Colorado traffic.
  • Foot covers and gloves worn upon entering your home.
  • Price is agreed upon before beginning work. No fees added later… EVER!
  • Drop cloths and ladder covers used used to protect your belongings.
  • Cleaning involves a full, lathered scrub of your glass with extra attention paid to stubborn debris followed by a detailed streak free squeegeeing.
  • Heavy over-spray removal will be discussed and quoted beforehand as we never add charges after quoting.
  • We will inform you of any broken seals, which allow moisture in between your panes.
  • Frames, sills, and if added to package, tracks are scrubbed down to match your now spotless glass.
  • When opting for screen cleaning, we use a dedicated cleaner,scrubbing and rinsing every inch. All while making sure we are not damaging any hardware.
  • Upon returning screens, we will tax our sanity by inspecting for streaks and marks and make them disappear!
  • Walk-through before and after to ensure your needs are delivered.
  • Blinds, curtains , and coverings are returned to their positions.
  • Thorough brushing and rinsing with de-ionized water on exterior when project size calls for.
  • Painless payment methods available: Cash, Check, Credit Card, Apple Pay, and Android Pay.

What steps are you taking to ensure safety during these times?

We work in offices requiring temperature checks at least twice a week. Being on ladders and roofs, we take our team’s health and safety very seriously. We do use masks, gloves and shoe covers during all visits. We maintain appropriate distance from beginning to end. Easy online estimates and invoicing allow a contactless experience.

What is you method for getting the windows back to almost new?

We use a dedicated, biodegradable solution. The key is in lathering, scrubbing and feeling the window for even the slightest drag or speckle. Once it is as smooth as its going to get, we squeegee from corner, using a towel only for detailing the the fine edges. 

Do you recommend cleaning my windows in the winter?

Absolutely! Windows actually stay clean longer during the winter as you don’t get the same run off as with rain. Our Colorado snow is very clean and pure. Plus, the view is amazing!

Can the work be performed if I am not home?

The only service we would need interior access for is interior window cleaning. Exterior cleaning, screen repair, gutter cleaning and solar panel cleaning can all be performed without you having to be home. We have easy online payment options.

How often do you recommend I get my windows cleaned?

Our clients typically like to clean them up once or twice a year. A great routine is also interior and exterior once a year and the exterior twice a year. They do stay decently clean longer than one would think.

How high up do you go?

We currently go up to the 3rd story by ladder and 4th story with extension poles.

Do you use any additive to make the windows stay clean longer?

We haven’t found great success with water repellent products. They do cause water to bead but dirt and grime seem to build up at the same rate as untreated. The product usually leaves a clingy residue which also causes unsightly streaks.

Can you guys make it out to clean tomorrow?

Usually not, unless it’s during our slowest months, which are January and February. We can always reach out if anything opens up.

Do you clean storm windows?

Yes, but we definitely need to walk the property in person before proceeding and pricing is usually 2 to 3 times that of a window . We will not go down and then up a ladder with a sheet of glass as the risk is astronomical. Many older homes have painted over storms, creating another dilemma. In short, just have us come out if you have storm windows and we’ll go from there!

Do you offer discounts of any kind?

Yes! By grouping with your neighbors you can save 15 % each. Organize 3 or more and receive further discount as the organizer. Also, by grouping 2 or more of our services, you can save 10 % or more. Frequent cleanings can also be negotiated.

What areas do you service?

We will drive to anywhere within an hour of northern Denver. This includes Central Park, Arvada, Commerce City, Thornton, Broomfield, Lakewood, Centennial, Aurora, Westminster and Englewood.

What if there is rain forecasted?

We can always schedule the interior on a rainy day and follow up with exterior cleaning as soon as things clear up. 

What forms of payment do you accept?

 We currently accept check, cash, debit card, credit card, Venmo, Zelle, Android, and Apple Pay.

How long will the job take?

Totally depends on window count and level of cleaning desired. 3 hours is the average. Our online estimator will give you a ballpark estimate of time. Need to step away? We can always double up our efforts on the interior to be out and working on the exterior as soon as possible.

Are you comfortable with pets?

Absolutely! We prefer to meet them upon arrival to allow them to get their excitement and nervousness out of their system as soon as possible. We are very conscious about closing doors and gates as we move about your home.

Do you clean blinds and shutters?

We do not as the time necessary to deliver decent results has shown not to make sense for homeowners. Blinds can also be very fragile from being baked by our Colorado sun. This lead us to not offer these services.

How do you clean the screens?

Screen CleanerWe have a dedicated device with water flowing through two large brushes, allowing us to gently scrub and rinse the entire screen from frame to mesh.